What Should I do if I Find an Animal?

  • Many people have asked us what they should do if they find an animal since there is not currently a shelter.  Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to take in animals, but we do have some helpful suggestions of how you can save that animal’s life and find it a home.

    Sadly, we are unable to place animals at this time.  Without an operating shelter, we do not have the resources to provide assistance with animal placement.  However, we will happily help with courtesy postings online or through our store bulletin board if you choose to take the animal into your home until you find a permanent placement.  We can also provide you with contact information for local area rescue groups who may be able to assist you. Call our store at (765)653-7174.

    If you find a lost pet, it is important to attempt to find the owner before keeping the pet permanently or adopting to another family.

    • The Hoosier Topics and Banner Graphic post free ads for lost and found pets.
    • Post signs in your neighborhood.
    • Take the animal to a vet or groomer to see if the pet has a microchip.

    If you cannot find the owner and decide to make that animal a member of your family, we may also be able to help with spay/neuter assistance.

    If you decide to look for a new home for the animal, we suggest that you consider the following:

    1.  Ask if they have other pets.  If so (or if they once did), ask for the name of the veterinarian to insure that the family takes care of them. Call that office.  Also, ask what they would do if other pets in the home do not accept this new member of the family.
    2. If they have never had a pet, make sure they know the costs and responsibility in owning one.
    3. Request that they take the pet to a vet for shots and examination within a week.
    4. If the pet is not spayed or neutered, make sure the adopter intends to have this done as soon as possible.
    5. Be sure to tell the potential adopter any of the pet’s behaviors and needs you have discovered.
    6. Make sure you have contact information for each other.
    7. Be sure to explain how you acquired the pet so that the adopting family cannot blame you for theft or withholding information about future behavioral or health issues.
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