Saint Bernard - Young - Male
Adoptable Extra Large Dog FriendlyKid FriendlyNeutered

AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION (Not taking anymore application after 11/18/17)

BREED: Saint Bernard
GENDER: Male, Neutered
AGE: 9-10 months old
WEIGHT: 85 lbs
KIDS: 5+ (due to his size)

Wyatt was found as a stray in our county and was never claimed by an owner unfortunately. This guys is the sweetest and loves attention! He is still very young and doesn’t exactly know how big he is so he does like to lean and try and get in your lap! We are still working on getting him to listen but he was just recently name so that will take some time! He is current on his vaccines, microchipped and recently neutered! We are going to be taking in applications for him until Saturday November 18th, then I will look over all applications and pick which home will be the best for him. Please be patient with us cause we will be getting a lot of applicants for him and I will call every applicant personally. I also greatly recommend coming to meet this big boy in person during our open hours!