Adoptable Medium Mix Dog FriendlyKid Friendly


BREED: Pit Mix
GENDER: Male, Neutered
AGE: 1 1/2 yr old
WEIGHT: 43lbs
KIDS: 0+

Update 1/9/18: Hitch has recovered well from he surgery and has no restrictions. He is very ready for his new home and is a little tired of being here with us. Hitch still doesn’t use his left rear leg all the time but he uses it a lot more than he did.

Hitch is such a sweet boy who craves human attention endlessly. This adorable little guy came to us as a stray and was never claimed by his owner. His name fits him well, as he has a hitch in his step. While the cause is undetermined at this time(evaluation schedule for 9/7/17 by our Veterinarian), he has a lame left rear leg. This injury occurred long before he arrived at our facility, and he has extensive muscle tone loss in this leg. However, this injury does not slow him down one bit!! We will give updates on him as soon as we can.

Update 9/19/17: After radiographs were evaluated on Hitch’s pelvis we decided to preform a Femoral Head Osteotomy (FHO) surgery. Hitch is recovering extremely well, he is on restricted activity and will be for about 4 more weeks. He is so happy and no longer having to deal with a painful joint once he is all healed up.

FHO is the surgical removal of the head and neck of the femur. In simpler terms, it is the removal of the “ball” part of the ball-and-socket that makes up the hip joint. This way, the bones of the joint are no longer in contact, which eliminates the pain that is caused by the abnormal contact of the bones in a dog with hip dysplasia, or severe osteoarthritis. Once the femoral head and neck are removed, the surrounding muscles and developing scar tissue work to support the area, and act as a false joint. This means that now when the limb is moved, the forces are transferred to the pelvis rather than the leg itself. The procedure causes the leg to be slightly shorter than the unaffected leg, although amazingly, most dogs return to close to normal activity after the surgery.

For more information on this type of procedure please check out https://www.topdoghealth.com/library/orthopedic-surgery/articles-surgery/femoral-head-osteotomy-fho-dogs/