June- ‘Adopt- A- Shelter- Cat’ Month!!!

June- ‘Adopt- A- Shelter- Cat’ Month!!!

June is ‘Adopt- A- Shelter- Cat’ Month; let’s make a difference for our fantastic felines in need!

It isn’t only ‘Adopt- A- Shelter- Cat’ Month but we are also in the peak of kitten season (time of year when we see an increase in feline breeding). We’ve been preparing for the influx of homeless and newborn cats at our shelter by providing ‘Free Feline Friday’ and though we have brought down our numbers, they are already climbing right back up with kittens.

Kittens are cute, loving and playful and even though we may have a lot of current ones and future residents coming in, it will still be some time before they are available for adoption. Perhaps it is time for you to consider making a difference for some of our ‘adult’ kitties? We still have lots of very cute, loving and playful ‘adult’ cats who are between 1- 10 years old and are in need of a home. We truly love having them as our residents and spending time with them, but we’d be much happier seeing them snuggled up in the arms of their fur-ever family.
Whether it is a kitten or one of our older cat residents, we’d still love to see lots of adoptions this month so we can truly celebrate June’s ‘Adopt- A- Shelter- Cat’ Month!!

(Free Feline Friday is no longer available.)

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