5 Sponsored Female Felines (No Adoption Fee)

5 Sponsored Female Felines (No Adoption Fee)


We’ve had some certain kitty cats at our shelter that have been here a little too long, and are in need of a good and loving home! After a tour of our shelter, someone from our community has decided to sponsor these wonderful feline fur-babies! We still request for applications in order to find these special feline friends of ours the perfect home, but their adoption fee have been waived!

Please read the descriptions of each of the wonderful kitties on their page and see if they are right for you, a friend, or a family member. You or they may need these feline friends just as much as they need you or them!

The online application is available for you to fill out here: http://hspcanimals.org/for-adoption/adoption-application/

Let’s hope and cross our finger that these sweet girls find the right home!

SPONSORED FELINES: Audrey, Babe, Crystal, Maggie and Stella

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