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Humane Society of Putnam County Indiana
We are still in desperate need of fosters for kittens! Contact us today if you are interested in helping care for a few kittens while they grow and get strong enough to join us at the shelter. We have several litters waiting to come in and already have 25+ kittens in our care, we need your help!

Please share and consider opening your home to these sweet kitties!
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Humane Society of Putnam County Indiana
Xena and Priscilla hit the forever home jackpot today! Their new forever family just bought their first home and celebrated by adopting! Dad fell in love with Xena immediately and she loved the kids and all of the attention. The girls picked Priscilla to be their kitty and were pros at holding her so she wouldn't be scared.

Happy tails sweet girls!
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Humane Society of Putnam County Indiana
Humane Society of Putnam County Indiana added 19 new photos.May 27, 2016 7:03 pm
Meet your new best friend at the Putnam County Animal Shelter! We have tons of great cats and dogs in our care currently! We have many more kittens in foster care as well, contact us today to meet them! Please share and help these furry friends find their forever homes!

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Humane Society of Putnam County Indiana
Whew, it's been a whirlwind of a morning. We have had a great outpouring of support from the community as we continue our initiative to care for the animals in our county. We have also received a lot of negative feedback regarding these kitties, and that is okay, and welcome too!

Dialogue around topics like this is very important as we grow as an organization and a community. Our county has lacked animal care and control for many years, but we are now here and ready to help. Again, we remind everyone that dumping animals is illegal, and we encourage someone in need to call us first! 765-653-1943
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Humane Society of Putnam County Indiana
Dear Citizen Who Felt This Was Their Only Option:

Our kennel manager was shocked this morning, to arrive at work and be greeted by this: A momma and her litter left outside our gate, with no food, no water and no protection. For anyone reading-they are safe now. They are recovering from the unnecessary trauma they have experienced because someone felt this was the only way.

We would encourage you (and everyone!) to familiarize yourself with Indiana law, and educate yourself, your children, and your friends (http://www.in.gov/boah/2370.htm). Dumping animals like this, or at all, even at an animal shelter, is illegal. It is inhumane, even for one night. For these cats and those of us who have to clean up this mess, literally and figuratively, it is heart breaking. We get it, you must not like fuzzy balls of fur who just want to snuggle with you and show you they love you- cats, dogs, and other pets aren't everyone's cup of tea, but, that doesn't entitle anyone to behave this way. Although we are very grateful these cats are now receiving the care they need, we sincerely hope you change your ways in the future.

To the citizens of Putnam County- never be afraid or embarrassed to call us (765-653-1943)! We are here to help. No animal should be tossed out like trash, ever. We are now in desperate need of foster homes, again.

Respectfully, yet heartbroken,

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